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Are you in need of footage for a showreel? Or would you love to record a monologue of your choice in a cinematic way?

I self shoot, direct and edit professional cinematic monologues and showreel scenes, all shot in 4K Ultra HD, 1080p, colour graded and sound mixed.


This service is to provide you with an opportunity to explore your creative freedom as an actor and performer. I don’t have any say in what the final product is, so the scene is 100% in your control. If you’d like to do more drama, comedy etc that’s all up to you.


- Initially we would start with a free of charge Zoom chat, in which we would discuss the ideas you have and if I am the right filmmaker for you.


- If all is good, we would then discuss locations, times, dates, any specific props you would need/already have on you and if you need any other actors on board. We can find someone or if you have roommates/friends who are also actors, they can be a part of it.


- After that we simple plan the day and shoot the scene.


- Once filming is done, it normally will take around 7 days for the scene to be sent to you. In the past, I have generally done around 12 takes on the day and provided the actor with 6 different versions, for which they can choose whichever one they want to use.


It’s all meant to be experimental, fun and creative. The whole process is to benefit you in hopefully gaining more attention from castings and provide you with material which you feel fits you as a performer.

Please see some previous examples.











*50% deposit is required upfront to secure shoot dates

*Scenes last a duration of 1-4 minutes and will be available to you in less than ONE WEEK after filming.

*Based in London, UK (UK travel available but must be discussed in advance)

To secure booking dates/discuss further, please contact me via the contact page.

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