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Anna Margeti - Producer on Change

"I had the pleasure to work with Tom as a co-producer on his short social realism film Change. I was impressed by he's professionalism, he's very clear and creative vision as a Director. I am sure more great films will have his name on in the future and I would definitely like to work with him again".

Rachel Franks - Editor on GoodbyeChange

"I’ve had the pleasure of editing several of Tom’s recent short films and can say that he is a dedicated filmmaker who devotes all of his time and creative energy towards the project at hand. Working with Tom has always been a very fulfilling and enjoyable creative collaboration and I look forward to working with him again"


Amber Ryder - Producer on Smoke

"I have recently worked with Tom to co-produce his latest short Smoke. Working with Tom was a pleasure as he is a dedicated and passionate individual that loves filmmaking. Tom always has a clear director's vision that he brings to life on screen, looking forward to working with him again"

Dan Tonkin - Director of Jenna The Great

"Tom has been one of the youngest, decorated filmmakers I have and probably will ever come across dedicated to filmmaking as he is. I have seen many of his projects and its a privilege to have him as a friend, let alone someone to work with. He was my First AD and made every meeting, streamlined all call sheets and shooting schedules whilst coordinating the cast and crew and consistently being a good time-keeper. You can't go wrong with this guy.

Sam Fuller - Composer of Goodbye, Change

"Working with Tom is a pleasure. Driven with a clear vision for the films, without taking away creative control. Scoring his films has been a stress free, laid back experience and some of the best and most enjoyable films I’ve had the pleasure to work on"


Leo Rand - Actor in Pathfinder, A Killer's Confession

"I have been very fortunate to work with Tom Smith twice, and each time his creative professionalism guides the scenic time/space co-creativly, allowing an artistic atmosphere between cast and crew to flourish. It is a very rare asset to be guided, encouraged, engaged and inspired in a constant stream of creative uendeavour. I must re-establish; Tom Smith inspires and allows the ‘art of nature’ to unfold with every take. A patient live-wire, he is a force of creative process, who for the actor, is a rare co-creative. A pleasure to work with and a true story teller"


Olivia Spencer - Actress in In TemporeMaking A Go Of It

"I've worked with Tom on a couple of projects now both being quite different styles of filming. He is very patient as a director and made me feel able to be vulnerable in front of the camera. He listens to my ideas as an actor and makes sure we can include them within the script. I've enjoyed working with Tom as he is very professional and caring towards what he loves to do"

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